The origins of the site

This website was initially based on a document of which I can not consider myself as the sole author. I wrote as "project coordinator" and everything you read is based on information derived from experiences, magazines, contributes of the "extremers" of the facebook group "aprilia Extrema" and not only them.

This file was a collective work and to make it "my thing" would be incorrect. The intellectual property of the document mentioned is of a community that is part of the facebook group, so as project coordinator I use it in accordance with the original purpose.

This site provides all the knowledge and contributions shared by the participants in the group that had given their approval. Since the nature of the site other than the FB group I will omit names, unless a specific request of the interested people at the e-mail of the site.

The site incorporates the information that was n the original file and I further developed them: the only aim is to share information without any profit.

Everyone is free to contact me for adjustments and changes. Everyone is free to quote parts of the site, translate, make extracts, but ONLY if it is mentioned a clear reference to this website.

We do not want someone has unduly profit from the "work" of others done for FREE.

Passion is also sharing, not profit, whether economic or desire to be the centre of attention.