Our extremas

These are the galleries of the fan of aprilia extrema enthusiasts internet site. Send your pics to the e-mail address apriliaextrema@libero.it and they will be published. The galleries are put in order of receipt.

Marco "djembe"

Year 1994, you find some other pics aroud the site.

Daniele D.P.

Reggiani Replica year 1992 preserved, not fully restored; Daniele recently mouted a jolly moto exhaust that you can't see in these pictures.

Denny "il potente" F.

Track bikes year 1994: one is a standard and the other is an SP version. The colour scheme is a tribute to Wayne Rainey, but they are also "hystorically correct" because some aprilia raced with the Marlboro sponsorship.

Andrea Carrozzo

SP year 1995 work in progress with the restoration. It is in good conditions and an Arrow exhaust system is mounted.

Luca Carrozzo

Year 1992, it was born violet/black/red/grey (the first extrema colour scheme) and become a Reggiani Replica.

Luca Delaurenzi

Year 1994, quite in original shape. It gives and gave a lot of satisfactions to Luca that promised to make it shining like new in the future.

Roberto Nicolin

A nice 1995-RS fully revised by Roberto that make it a very nice special for tracking days. It makes the owner an happy gentlemen rider.

Francesco Borgese

Starting from a good condition bike dated 1992 Francesco improved a lot of details to make it shinig. The result is noticeable and keeps the vintage outlook.

Chris Kaveman

Chris Kaveman is a collector very damanding and who loves more than all small and medium sportbikes, but not only. This is reflected clearly in his extrema SP 1993.