Series "GS" and "LA": 1992-1994 (1995-1998 international markets)

The first series is equipped with a trapezoidal headlight and a frame with protuberance behind the steering tube and a "shape" to reach the gearbox oil filler cap. It was one of the first bikes with three-year warranty, except for versions SP who had 6 months, engine excluded. The approval marked on the chassis, documents and unloading has prefix GS for the standard versions and LA for the Sport Production onces. For all the stickers they were never put under transparent, even on the tank.

In relation to the first series, we have three model/year that are easily distinguished by the frame: gray with transparent In 1992, mat gray in 1993 and polished in 1994.

Clicking on the button below tou can read about the series and their evolutions and the peculiarities of SP. These ready-to-race bikes are rare and it is very difficult to find one preserved very well. Only SP bikes with all the typical details have have, in my opinion, an historical value.

Some details are more deeply explained in the related technical areas. Note that from Italy a lot of bikes were exported up to 1998 that look very similar to the subsequent MP series, but are still marked as GS because they keep the frame and the engine of the first series. Although the dashboard seems identical to the MP one with the typical display, but the tachometer remains mechanical.

Series "MP": 1995

In 1995 (approval MP) the frame loose the two protuberances behind the steering head and the shape for the oil charge and there are new boby, new headlamps, Rotax 122 engine instead of 123, new front braking disk flange and the ignition with "full-range" variable timing, instead of the previous "two step" variable timing. The silencer is structurally identical to that of 1994, but instead of the plate has the approval MP engraved on the case back, which is not removable. The colours are two, both Replica:

  1. black with Chesterfield sponsorship, sitckers "Max Biaggi" on the windscreen and one on the thank commemorating the succes in 1994 GP championships (250 and 125 of 1994 with Max Biaggi and Kazuto Sakata)
  2. mat gray/red/metallic blue "Reggiani Replica", that no longer refers to a model of the championship GP 250, but to the RSW-2 500 ride by Loris Reggiani (curiously had in some cases the front disc of the previous version, with circular holeas and gold coloured flange).

For the SP version there are no distinctive codes or marks on the frame as for the first Extrema. Probably contacting aprilia with the frame number you can have some more information on your bike if it has the adjustable shock absorber or some race-punching. There are SP directly manufactured by Aprilia with all the special components (see designated areas of the site). standard bikes where the SP kit was mounted and, unfortunately, some false SP.

In 1996 the RS lost any mark as Extrema, but remains basically the bike of 1995 with new colours. This is the last RS without any restriction sold in Italy, but abroad the RS will be available untill the end of production also in full-power version.