to the internet site dedicated to all the enthusiast of the "mother of all RS", a bike with an extraordinary hystorical and technical outstanding. I am open to any cooperation, to receive your comments, pics and fixes of mistakes and to share information and give you a help. I am sorry, but for a lot of reasons I will start with the develope in italian and during 2016 I do also the english version for the whole contents. My apologizes to all the other people because I can write only two languages, BUT, if someone want to translate from english to his language.... do it and send to me by e-mail!


I am not a professional ant this internet site want to be a "gift" to the other enthusiast of the aprilia extrema. All the links and quotes related to companies and products are not sponsorships, but only a sharing of information useful for the maintenance and rebuild/restoring of our bikes.


Please, who claim for the use of his name, pictures, videos taken from the net keep in contat with me by the e-mail address below to let me now clearly what I have to delete and I will do it as soon as possible.


My greetings to all the "extremers" (and not only)! :D


Marco "djembe"