The first consideration is about how you can live your passion for Aprilia extrema and, in generally, the 125 two- stroke 80's and 90's high performance sport bikes. In this period these engines reached up to 280hp per liter as ratio output.

125 cc, especially the sport bikes, often are bought and loved by people nostalgic a of their youth. Personally, despite I have the age "right" to be nostalgic (I was 16 in 1992), I do not have this mood. I consider the 125 cc sport bikes, some more, some less, the charming "first step" in the magical world of the road sport motorcycle  two stroke engine powered at the peak of their development.

Buying and maintainance of Suzuki RGV 250 and RG 500 Gamma, Aprilia RS 250, Yamaha RD 350 and 500, Honda NS400 is very expensive. In other words own an extrema allows at a "popular" price to get on a (still) modern sport bike car two stroke engine powered without restrictions, conscious not to have the road two stroke engine road most powerful in history, but one of them (do not forget the cagiva Mito!) with highest specific output ever.